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How to install the new North China progressive app on your phone's homescreen

This App enables you to simply book a table at the restaurant and/or order a takeaway directly from your phone.

Please read the instructions and familiarise yourself with the process before opening the link at the end.


Step 1. Read through the instructions and open the link in your browser on your phone.
Once opened, the page should look like the Step 1 photo.

For Mac OS open in Safari. For Android open in Chrome


Step 2. Select the icon highlighted in the photo

This opens up an options menu, you may have to select the more options button to see Add to home screen


Step 3. Select Add to Home Screen


Step 4. Click on Add

You can also customise the name of the App here if you wish.


Step 5. Check your Home Screen

The North China Progressive app icon should now appear on your Home Screen.
Once you have read and understood the instructions above, open this link
North China Progressive App